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Major League Hacking 2023 Hackathon Season

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Join us for UMBC’s virtual 36-hour hackathon, where you can challenge yourself by making your ideas come to life, collaborate with other students and even learn something new in our workshops!* With lots of fun activities, over $5,000 in prizes, and free swag for all participants, you’ll sure be in for a (trick or) TREAT!

*UMBC students will have the opportunity to take part in a select number of in-person games workshops and giveaways.



Hacks focused around creating tools for building community and cultivating relationships in a virtual setting.


Hacks focused around increasing accessibility in healthcare, especially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Hacks focused around creating solutions for accessibility in education, especially in distance learning.


Whatever you want! These are hacks that don’t fall under any specific category.


Hacks focused around building solutions for inequities faced by historically marginalized communities.


Hacks focused around creating new ways to experience activities and pass times.

hackUMBC 2022 Event Calendar

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This year, we are still planning on offering all the same perks and excitement as previous years. However, we are going primarily virtual in order to follow coronavirus safety guidelines. All communication throughout the event will be done virtually via Discord workspace, and workshops will be accessible virtually via Zoom video conferencing and Twitch Streaming. We will be sending out specifics of the platform closer to the event. UMBC students are allowed to participate in a select number of games, giveaways, and activities in ITE.
To get swag, submit a hack during hackUMBC or attend at least 10 events, meetups, and/or workshops during hackUMBC! Everyone who does so is eligible for a free t-shirt and some other wonderful items (saving the surprise for later...)

A hackathon is a place where you come together to solve problems. Students are encouraged to come up with an idea, form teams, and then build out that idea (typically through programming!) into a product in 36 hours. We want you to take something you love (sports, art, camping, anything!) and combine it with technology to make something awesome. It's a great time to push the envelope and learn some new skills. This is where your dreams run wild. Solve a real-world problem with technology or build the next Iron Man suit.
To complete the pre-registration process you will need a valid student or government-issued ID card and your resume. Since this year hackUMBC will be hosted virtually, all you will need is your hacking device (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.) and Wi-Fi!
Any high school or undergraduate students or recent graduates are eligible to participate in our event. Additionally, all participants must follow the MLH code of conduct and hackUMBC code of conduct.
This is the perfect opportunity to learn something new! There will be workshops geared towards beginners and mentors to help you throughout the event. We also have plenty of swag and prizes for teams that bring out the best idea and make the community a better place.
Don’t worry, you may form or join a team by messaging the participant groups/chats that we’ll put you in during the weeks leading up to the weekend, as well as through team formation activities during the event.
Anything! Web, mobile, desktop, and hardware projects are all welcome. Projects will be judged based on creativity, technical difficulty, polish, and usefulness. Vist our DevPost from last year for more ideas.
Stay tuned...
Teams should be at most FOUR people. We highly recommend that you form a team, but solo hackers are allowed.
We strongly discourage building off of existing projects you've worked on. However, using third–party APIs and libraries are encouraged, as long as they're accessible by everyone.
Yes it can be found here.
You can get in touch with us via [email protected], Twitter, or Facebook.

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